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Space Battles Games Pack
Uses 5 MB of RAM

Space Battles Games Pack 

Version : 1.0
Date Submitted : 09-24-2004
Category : Games
Product Type : Shareware $19.95 Buy software
Minimum Requirements:
  • Pocket PC
  • WindowsCE 3.0 or higher
  • Available Platforms: Pocket PC  
    Download:5.44 MB   Download
    Application Description:
    The remakes of three of the best known arcade games - Galaxy, Galaga and Space Invaders are included in this Space Battles Games Pack. The Earth is in danger... The aliens have never been so close to it. You are the only one to destroy them before they do!
    The aim of the game is to destroy the invaders by firing at them. Beware that there are three types of opponents. What you need are concentration and good reactions.
    The ships of the space invaders, aligned in rows, are moving leftwards/rightwards across the screen. Each time the enemies come to the end of the window all rows get one step closer to your position. Your aim is to fire at the invaders until you destroy them. At the bottom of the screen there are several groups of asteroids that protects you from the invaders' fire. Each time you or your enemy hit an asteroid it gets "broken". When the asteroid is hit at the same place for the second time, it becomes cracked and you gets more vulnerable. At the start of each game you have three lives. Be aware of the fact that there are three types of enemy ships. A flying object called "bonus ship" passes the upper part of the game board during certain periods of time. If you hit it, you can get a bonus.
    Update Info:
    09-24-2004: Created

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